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The Navigator e with Smart Navidesk 

is a clear user interface which provides a simple and precise machine operation. The Wohlenberg Navigator enables you to achieve short setup times with a targeted entering of just a few key product parameters. New job data can be entered before or during an ongoing production (main timeparallel setup). You are hereby supported by the integrated plausibility check. Alternatively, product dimensions can also be calculated by the integrated Smart NaviDesk measuring table and then be transferred to the control system. All of the important setting parameters can be corrected and changed whilst the machine is running.The performance package is rounded off with interfaces to the JDF/JMF workflow and the bind-com technical control desk in addition to tele-diagnosis.

The spine preparation comprises up to 3 stations. In the Edition Universal a powerful 7.5 kW main milling station ensures a perfect processing of the spine. It can be equipped with a chip- or a dust milling tool as required. The 2nd station is frequency-controlled as standard in addition to it being equipped with a multiple knife head. In the Edition Dynamic, the Vento has a 3rd station which is in the form of a synchronized notching station. The height of each of the stations can be individually adjusted by means of a motor and can be simply swivelled out of the perfect binder in order for maintenance work to be carried out.

The gluing station comprises separate gluing units for spine and side gluing. The spine gluing unit with integrated 40 or 70 kg premelter enables the lengths of the glue films to be automatically controlled (scraper), in addition to tipp-gluing (2-4 tipps). The side gluing unit with integrated premelter has horizontal heated gluing discs with a motor-controlled thickness adjustment. PUR gluing either as a roller or nozzle gluing system Quickjet can also be integrated as an option.

4. The gauzing station can be integrated in the Vento as a module in the Edition Universal. The speed-optimized feed system and the integrated multi-chamber vacuum system in the Winjector technology ensures a precisely fitting application of the gauze strip even with high cycle outputs.

The feed and the height of the elevating table are carried out by means of a motor.

The cover feeder is easy to use and safely processes 4, 6 & 8 page covers. The cover feeder is also the interface for the connection of a KRF cover folder feeder station. The use of Winjectors in order to separate the covers instead of conventional pressure/vacuum generation, results in a considerable improvement to the operational safety of the cover feeder. A stream cover feeder is also available as an option.

6. The delivery channel is in the form of a long channel in dynamicdrive technology. The products are gently discharged from the perfect binder by means of a conveyor belt and pusher chain. The optimized product guidance ensures a safe processing of the most diverse cover materials. A quick-release device simplifies maintenance and cleaning work.

7. KRF & VSS

can be used in combination on the Vento in order to process gatefolded products in combination with multi-page covers and flush text which can be produced inline in one pass and at high speed.

Edition Universal   

[mech. speed: 1000 - 7000 T/h] 

[2. spine preparation station as standard] 

[Spine gluing with hotmelt, PUR or PVA]  

[Side gluing with hotmelt or PUR] 

[Gauzing station and accessories forproduction of Swiss brochures or Otabind] 

[max. 2 spine preparation stations] 

Edition Dynamic  

[mech. speed: 1000 - 7000 T/h] 

[2. and 3. spine preparation stations as standard]  

[Spine gluing with hotmelt, PUR or PVA] 

[Side gluing with hotmelt or PUR] 

[no gauzing station possible] 

Mech. speed( c/h)
1000 - 7000
Format range

Product height(mm)
140 - 435
Product width(mm)
105 - 320
Product thickness(mm)
2 - 62
Clamp opening(mm)
12 - 90
Opening of infeed channel(mm)
10 - 80
400 V(+ / -10 %), 50 Hz, 3-phase